Give back to your creative home!

Many actors in LA don't have a place to work, a place to gather, a place to create. But YOU do. You have a Home. We hope this home is always here for you.

We all know that the last couple of years have been difficult for so many - including many of you. On our end, it’s been a fight to keep this organization going, but here we are…reopened, renewed and moving forward.

We need a minimum of $200,000 each year to continue to operate. Donations can be as small as $10-$20 a month. We can't just depend on "big donations" or on other people to keep our home going. 

We pledge to keep up the long-standing fight of this organization:

  • To GIVE great Acting training to new generations of actors…
  • To GIVE live, theatre performances to hungry audiences…
  • To GIVE education and empowerment to underserved youth through the Arts.

Of course, we depend on people like you to keep up the good work that was started so many years ago by our Founders: Stella Adler, Joanne Linville and Irene Gilbert. It’s through the generosity of people like you that our nonprofit organization can keep going - hopefully stronger than ever.

We thank you for helping us in continuing this fight. Start giving back today! 

It all starts in our creative home! 



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